Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is "Do You Have Yours?"

Here at Career Services we have a truly unique, skills-based set of programs that are offered to all Brock University students completely free of charge. 
We also provide the opportunity for students to track their experiences and achievements on an official Brock document.

Do you have yours?

Your Experience Plus Transcript, that is.
Through our Experience Plus program that includes programs like Med Plus and Mentorship Plus, Career Services aims to provide students with a way to keep track of their experiences, achievements, and skills onto one document that can be used in a portfolio or as a supporting document in an interview. 

Accessed through your Brock Portal, students are able to track and update their account information regarding on-campus jobs, volunteer placements, workshops and other professional development activities and order a transcript that showcases this information.

Do you have your transcript?
Get started right away- visit our website for more information.

During the week of October 24th Career Services is teaming up with the Brock University Student's Union to promote job search among students.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Career Services and BUSU that week as we will be promoting our services, the Experience Plus Transcript and our Quick Tips around campus!

In addition, CANTEACH is hosting their Australian Teacher's College Fair on Monday October 24th. Log onto CareerZone to register and for more information.

Good luck and get tracking!
- Lia

http://edit.brocku.ca/webfm_send/1149 Click here for an example of an Experience Plus Transcript.


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