Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get Connected- Join GradLINK

Facebook and Twitter are popular social media tools, but many times are not appropriate for employers to view. We all know what may happen on the weekend, or what you wore for Halloween, but do you really want your employer to know? Probably NOT.

LinkedIn allows you to exist in the realm of social media, however is a professional tool that showcases your skills and qualifications for employers to view. LinkedIn is a social networking site used mainly for professional relationship building. By creating a profile you will begin to network with professionals and gain helpful career advice.

GradLINK is a service designed to prepare graduating students for the transition from school to work. By joining you will be connected to job postings, employer recruitment sessions, career-related workshops, and job search information. You will also be able to join the LinkedIn GradLINK Network.

By joining GradLINK you will:
  • gain knowledge on employers and different job opportunities
  • build your network through relationships with other students, employers, and alumni
  • gain insight on how set career goals and strategies on how to accomplish them
  • enhance your Experience Plus Transcript
For more information on GradLINK or LinkedIn please visit our website at or feel free to stop by Career Services for more information. We'd be happy to help you!

I'm off to update my profile- are you?
-Hillary MacDonald

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