Thursday, October 27, 2011

Balancing the University Life?!

As students we want to make the most of our University days- attending lectures and seminars, completing work and assignments on time, cheering on the Brock Badger sports teams, and volunteering throughout the community. On top of all that a part-time job, going home to celebrate a family birthday, spending time with new friends, participating in intramurals, meeting with Ta's and Professors, and planning career paths.

Oh and don't forget all the distractions that keep you from doing all that- like keeping up-to-date on the latest Facebook layout, or trying to beat your friend at Call of Duty. Watching the newest episode of Modern Family, or cheering on the Leafs, all while Tweeting about what your not doing, but need to do.

Plus the little things we do that eat at our time like dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, taking out garbage, waiting for the bus, being angry and the bus, charging your iPhone, waiting on RIM, calling for cabs, running for cabs, standing in line at Timmies, searching for a computer on campus...

And this is just what I can think of...the list is endless.

So how can one make the most of our University days while still creating a balance between school and life?

This is where Career Services Mentorship Plus comes in handy. This is a program specifically designed to help balance your life. As a first year mentee you will have a senior student mentor, in second year you will be in a peer group, and upper year students can either be a mentor to first years, or be a mentee to a mentor from the community. Its a great program that will help to assist you as you try creating a balance

For more information on Mentorship Plus please read a previous blog found here
OR by visiting our Career Website at

Until then- all the best as you balance the University Life

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