Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mind Your P's and Q's!

Professional Etiquette

It’s not enough to remember please and thank you anymore. Employers and business professionals need you to know how to act professionally in a variety of settings, all while impressing their clients. This also applies to job interviews, so it’s vitally important to brush up on your professional etiquette before that all-important meeting.

There are so many things to keep in mind, ranging from how to meet and greet people, the proper way to dine and how to behave in an elevator. It can all be very overwhelming, especially when you are trying to make a lasting first impression.

For more information on professional etiquette, I suggest looking at the Brock University Faculty of Business website as they give specific details on the do’s and don’ts of professional etiquette. If you are a business major, the Business Career Development Office (BCDO) holds an Etiquette Dinner in partnership with CMA Ontario during the winter semester which is a facilitated workshop during a three course meal. If you’re just looking for some tips on interview preparation we have plenty of information online and in the Resource Centre for you!

Best of luck!

I think you misinterpreted the tone of my email.

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