Friday, June 24, 2011

The Black Binder

Remember all of those awards and certificates you've been given that were proudly stuck to the fridge, acted as a coffee coaster and then crumpled and kicked under the bed? Go find them now because they're actually valuable to your future! All this talk about 'the black binder' is finally explained in more detail right here so pay attention!

The black binder I speak of is also known as... *drum roll please* ...your professional portfolio. This is the binder you will bring to job interviews, networking events, performance evaluations or used to apply to graduate school. This binder is gold! It will contain all the documents you need to prove your accomplishments to an employer. The idea of organizing and documenting your career accomplishments may make your eyes cross but this will benefit you! A portfolio is a collection of organized documents you'll have for the rest of your life that you can continuously update. It also displays your personal/career development to an employer or academic institution.

Attention 1st grade Spelling-B can keep that award on the fridge. Things to include in your portfolio are as follows:
  • Applications - personal statement, resume, CV, reference letters
  • Educational achievements - diploma, course descriptions, academic transcript
  • Career progression - job descriptions, reports, memberships, evaluations
  • Workshop development - attended speaker series, seminars, conventions
  • Community involvement - recorded volunteer hours, ribbons, photos
  • Examples of your work – graphic design, lab results, essays, newspaper clippings etc.

And if you're a
Brock University student you can also add your Experience Plus transcript! This official transcript is a great addition because it shows a balance between your involvement in non-academic activities at Brock. 
No matter what your major is, the Career Resource Centre has numerous examples of how your professional portfolio can look. We also have an online Portfolio Development workshop and  a facilitated Portfolio Production workshop to help you build a unique portfolio of your own. Make sure to stop in and talk to a Career Assistant about showcasing your career achievements in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd!

1st Place Colouring Contest Winner,
Samantha Del Duca

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