Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Entry Level Job Search

Fold the newspaper back up! The most popular resources I tell people about are networking, Talent Egg and Eluta. Although the latter two are online resources I find them very helpful to give someone a jump start to their job search. And the bonus…it’s all Canadian!
Talent Egg provides students with career planning resources and a variety of job opportunities (internships, summer jobs, entry level positions) in Canada. Founder Lauren Friese has an ambition to bring employers closer to Generation Y and began a blog this year which allows students to voice their opinions to employers concerning the job search process and vice versa. Working out of an egg carton in Toronto, this team makes the job search process easier for everyone. Now students can enjoy a trendy resource and employers can find Canada’s best students faster.
Eluta is an online Canadian career directory. If you’re unsure of what to look for in a job post this is a great place to start. Eluta has done the work for you and provides information based on the benefits, starting salary, programs, vacation etc. that the company offers new employees. Keep in mind this website is for a wide range audience so unlike Talent Egg, some postings may read that awful “3-5 years experience required” statement. Search effectively by your associated category: ‘New Grads’, 'Under 35', ‘Top Employers’ and more.

Although I believe networking is and will always remain the strongest form of job search strategies, these websites are a great way to get a taste of entry-level job searching. Be careful when you’re using social networks and be sure to have a professional online presence – you never know who’s watching! Now that I've warned you... both Talent Egg and Eluta’s twitter accounts are always bursting with job postings and career advice. Start clicking!


Samantha Del Duca


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