Friday, March 18, 2016

Interview Success

We all know interviews can be overwhelming and intimidating; here are a few tips to worry less about interviews and obtain employment. The day before the interview leave yourself enough time to look over the job posting, do research on the company, and take 5 minutes to reflect on each job you have had and experiences you could potentially use. Take advantage of Career Services and book a Mock Interview, which provides excellent practice by virtue of a simulated interview, or go on Interview Stream and answer interview questions and listen to your responses. This is a great way to refresh yourself on the job you’re applying to as well as previous experiences you have had. 

In addition I write down my top 3 strengths and weaknesses with a statement on how I am improving the 3 weaknesses. In my experience I have been asked to identify my strengths and weaknesses, therefore when the question arises I am able to quickly and confidently answer. I also like to write down the most important skills for the position because it reminds me which skills to highlight and discuss in more detail. By following these tips you can fight the nervousness of interviews and improve your chances of employment by being confident and communicating effectively. 

André St-George
Career Assistant
BBA Co-op

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