Monday, April 11, 2016

Embrace the Chaos

Embrace the Chaos

                For some people, finding a career path can be as easy as finding what they want to do, and then getting right in. For most people, this may not be the case. Imagine dropping a ping pong ball in a dark room. We don’t know where the ball will land, but we can use mathematical formulas to pinpoint where the ball may land. A process like this can be a metaphor for the easier way of finding a career. Now imagine dropping the ping pong ball into Times Square, New York. Where the ping pong ball lands is unpredictable, which is similar to the way the career finding process will be for many.
                There are methods to navigate this madness. One method is to identify what cluster of jobs may work for you such as working with people. Using this example, there are many skills such as communication a person can develop which is transferable inside of the service industry.  Another method is to know that help is there when you need it. The Career Resource center at Brock University have people who are there to act as a guide to show you various resources that can help you navigate the Career Field.  

Often times, what can help an individual with the Career decision-making process are a series of chain reactions. An example of this is obtaining skills that would help towards a cluster of jobs, then finding employment into a career you never seen yourself in, and then developing in that section. Embrace the unexpected. Know those things may not go as planned, and roll with it. Make a series of small choices that will help influence the larger picture. Lastly, look at things in the big picture. Looking at things in a microscope can make things overwhelming. Take a step into overseeing the whole scheme of things and see how a domino effect can happening by making a choice. We would be honoured if we got to be a part of that process.

Tyler Harris 
Sr. Career Assistant

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