Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is Grad School Right For You?

So you finished your undergraduate and are wondering what's next. Perhaps you are considering working full-time or going abroad for awhile; or perhaps you are considering whether or not graduate school is right for you. This is a big choice to make because there are many factors and quite a bit of preparation to consider which can impact your final decision to go to graduate school. Here are some things to think about:

Factors & Preparation

  • How will you pay for graduate school? (grants, becoming a teaching assistant or marker)
  • Where will you go to graduate school? (location, reputation, services, campus)
  • What type of graduate program will you choose? (requirements, averages, research interests)
  • Is your GPA high enough for the school you would like to go to? (each school is specific! make sure to research this information by individual institution)
  • Do your research interests match the topics of the program? (is it suitable based on your interests? are there potential research supervisors you would like to work with?) 
  • Have you developed a CV or statement of intent? (do your documents outline all of your scholarly work? do they outline your research/professional interests? how you will contribute to the program/institution through your research/program?)
  • Are your references prepared? (reach out to professors who can speak of your academic abilities and who can shed light on how you would be successful in the graduate program; you usually need 2-4 letters of reference!)
  • Do you need to write an admissions test? (find out which test is necessary and look into study materials, test dates/times, deadlines for submitting scores)
As I'm sure you've gathered, there is a lot that goes into applying to graduate school which is why it's important to consider whether it will be the right decision for you. Need help making this decision or preparing your application? Come by Career Services! 

How We Can Help
  • We can review your letter of intent or CV prior to applying to graduate school and provide helpful templates and examples to facilitate improvement
  • We can assist with researching post-graduate programs, school specific requirements, and different career options 
  • We can provide you with entrance exam and admission test information and practice books as well as GPA information
  • We can help you figure out if graduate school is necessary based on your future career goals
Can't make it in to see us?  Check out "Your Future: A Guide for Potential Graduate Students" or visit our Online Resource Centre and head to the "Further Education" tab to explore options and find out more information about taking that next step!  

Scarlet Stark
Career Assistant
Psychology Major

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