Friday, July 31, 2015

Faculty Focus: Education

The Faculty of Education here at Brock encompasses the Education, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, and Concurrent programs. As many readers will know, getting a job in the field of education can be very competitive. But not to worry! These specific resources can help you to get your foot in the door:

Resources in the Centre/on Careerzone

  • Cafe Connect Program (for more details, click here)
  • Mentorship Plus Program(for more details, click here)

Books (ALL books are located in the centre)

  • 101 Alternatives for Teachers
  • The Inside Track: Getting Hired to Teach in a Canadian School

  • Teachers College & Teacher Resume Samples Binder
  • Career Paths for Teachers Binder
  • KOM Consultants Binder
  • Faculty of Education Resume Sample Binder
  • Considering Teacher Education Handout
  • Teacher Cover Letter & Resume Guidelines
  • Teacher Accomplishment Statement Chart
  • Skill Words for a Teaching Resume Handout
  • Board of Education Cover Letter Template
  • Personal Teaching Philosophy (Templates & Sample)
  • Applying to DSBN/Niagara Catholic/Halton District/Peel District/Hamilton-Wentworth Boards
  • Degree Exploration Guides (to see yours, click here)

Additionally, our Online Resource Centre through Careerzone contains a whole section dedicated to teachers and teacher candidates. Log-in to peruse through them today & be sure to also come visit us in the centre to check out these great resources in order to help you enter the field of education!

Scarlet Stark
Career Assistant
Psychology Major

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