Friday, August 7, 2015

Faculty Focus: Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities here at Brock encompasses a vast array of programs which includes Applied Linguistics, Canadian Studies, Classical Studies, Dramatic Arts, English Language and Literature, History of Art and Visual Culture, History, Interactive Arts and Sciences, Intercultural Studies, Liberal Arts, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Music, Philosophy, Studies in Art and Culture, and Studio Art. As you can probably imagine, the career options for Humanities students are endless! Here are some resources that can help you explore your many options:

Resources in the Centre/Online


  • Cafe Connect (for more details, click here)
  • Mentorship Plus (for more details, click here)
  • Music Ed Plus (for more details, click here)
  • Experience Plus (for more details, click here)
  • Experience BU (for more details, click here)

Books (ALL books are located in the centre)

  • The Successful Artists Career Guide
  • 101 Careers in the Music Business
  • The Music Industry Handbook
  • Great Jobs for Theatre Majors
  • Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors
  • Great Jobs for History Majors
  • Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors
  • Opportunities in Cartooning & Animation
  • Opportunities in Foreign Languages
  • Opportunities in Interior Design/Decorating
  • Opportunities in Museums
  • Opportunities in Visual Art 


  • Degree Exploration Guides (to see yours, click here)
  • Faculty of Humanities Resume Sample Binder
  • Classics Portfolio Sample
  • Dramatic Arts & Theatre Binder
  • Careers in Video Games Binder
  • Post-Grad Studies Binder
  • Brock Plus Programs Binder

With all these great resources, why not begin exploring your career options! Also, don't forget to come visit us in the Career Resource Centre for any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have about finding work, volunteer, or other opportunities in your field!

Scarlet Stark
Psychology Major
Brock University 

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