Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Don't Let Yourself Get Trapped!

Hi folks,

It has been a while since my last blog post and I think that that the topic today is an interesting one in that this topic comes up alot.

I often get questions from students and alumni concerned that they will get bored doing a certain career for a while and that once they get bored that they will be stuck because of their education.

I am here to tell everyone today that this is not the case at all! It is certainly possible to search for jobs outside of your industry and I am  here to give you tips on how to do just that.

So, say for example you graduate and work in the industry in which your degree has led. This is great and is what most students end up doing.

You continue to work at this position for a few years and move to a different position within the same industry until 10 years has passed and you feel as though you want more variety but you feel trapped within the industry in which you have worked since graduating.

This feeling is normal and trust me there is a way out. Here is what you should do to start searching into other industries:

1. Update your resume. If you have been in the same position for a while I would         recommend using a combination style resume which highlights your transferable skills. If    the new job you find is directly related but in a different industry then I would recommend using a chronological resume. Both styles and more information about their use can be found at the resource centre.

2. Look for positions based on skills as opposed to based on industry or job title. For example teachers sometimes think they are stuck working in the school board their whole lives. However many independent companies look for teacher candidates to teach training manuals to new staff. This is a good example of looking for a job based on what you will need to do and the skills needed as opposed to looking based on the job title/industry.

3. While it might be difficult I will always recommend volunteering in areas where you have other interests. You never know if through these volunteer experiences you will come across a job opportunity maybe not in what your educatin is in, but one in which you are equally qualified and likely happy doing.

4. To get more ideas about related careers to what you are currently doing, it will be beneficial to go on  assessment websites such as career cruising and type focus (which can both be accessed via Career Zone under the resource tab). On these assessments you will be able to type in your current careeer and it will give you related careers/ careers based on your interests, values and skills which may be out of your current industry and something that you might have interest in.

5. Finally, explore! I think you will be surprised at just how many different types of positions you are qualified for just because you have an undergraduate degree. So search online databases and look for stuff that interests you and apply. It won't hurt. Remember you do not have to have all of the qulaifications listed. That is an ideal list. If you only ahve 2 years experience and they want 5, your experience might be worth more. Go for it!

That is all for now. I hope that some of these suggestions help you to realize that after graduation you will have options. Do not feel like you are trapped and succumb to familiarity. Be confident that will a little diligence and an open mind that you will be able to have various types of exciting careers.

Before I go I have to appologize for the length of this post.... My bad. I told you it's been a while.

Until next time,

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