Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why take spring/summer Courses?

This past weekend the sun was shining and we broke records for the highest reached temperature for March 11. People were wearing shorts and t-shirts (crazy), snow shovels were put away, outdoor patio furniture taken out of sheds and spring cleaning was underway.

For some students, this was also the realization that spring is just around the corner and summer shortly follows. It may mean moving out of residence, house hunting, packing to move home, or some even graduation. It also means the time is coming to register for spring and summer courses.

Here are some reasons as to why take spring and/or summer courses:
  • Earn credits ahead of schedule, which may lead to an early graduation
  • Work towards an associate degree, or minor
  • Accelerated, concentrated class time- allowing for intense focus on the topic
  • Allows for you to take courses that interests you, and that may otherwise not fit in your schedule
  • Smaller classes allowing for greater interaction between students and instructors
  • Gives you a chance to upgrade a mark, or retake a class to maintain your overall average and to keep on track
  • Opportunity to get demanding courses out of the way with fewer distractions
  • Allows you to have a job throughout the summer, as many courses are in the evening
  • Reduces the difficult transition students feel after taking a summer off
  • Opportunity to take specific-topic or interesting classes that are only offered during spring/summer terms
So as you prepare for spring and summer, will you be taking courses?

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