Thursday, March 29, 2012

How To Interview With Your Current Boss

Some time in your life you might be invited to interview with someone you already know - like your boss. This seems like a strange concept but often supervisors like to conduct interviews with their current employees before offering them a promotion or a different position. This helps your boss determine your readiness and fit for the promotion and also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, learning experiences, and willingness to move up in the company/organization.

If you ever have an interview with your boss, follow these tips:
  • Treat it as if it is a normal interview. Practice your interview skills and take time to reflect on your experiences in your current job so that you feel ready to speak confidently about your position and the skills you have gained from it.
  • Dress smart. The same dress etiquette applies even though you may interact with this person everyday at work - make sure you look the part!
  • Be professional. Even though it might be tempting to act casual and joke around with your boss as per your normal relationship (if that applies to you), resist! Being well-spoken and confident will make you shine and show your boss that you are able to adapt professionally to this unique situation.
  • Be prepared! Your boss may even ask you to provide references. This goes without saying that you should prepare a copy of your resume, cover letter (if applicable) and references for them should they ask. Also remember little things like offering a firm handshake at the end of your interview - make a lasting impression!
All in all interviewing with your current boss can be a tricky situation as you already have a working relationship with them. However it is an opportunity to practice interviewing and communicating your skills and experiences effectively - so take advantage!

...And you never know - it might land you a promotion!
Best of luck,

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