Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mentorship Wrap-Up

Last night Mentorship Plus celebrated the end of another successful year! We celebrated the growth that is learned by both the mentee's and mentors, the relationships blossomed and the amount of voluntary time given to enhance both individuals goals and achievements.
We also took the time to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond over the past year helping to make Mentorship Plus the sucess that it is today. With the large number of mentoring relationships that we have worked with over the last few years, this year a new position was made to enhance our participant communication efforts. 7 lead mentors were each given several mentoring pairs to communicatie with and assist in their relationship. Thank you to Anne Lau, Amy Wilson, Renee Girard, Corrin Cudlip, Amber Botelho, Marissa Rowlinson, Ketelyn Scott.

The Engagement Award went to Stephen Amoah  who has been an active participant at every level of the program, and has always promoted Mentorship at every turn. Not only does he work here at Career Services, but he goes above and beyond the call of duty with much gratitude. Congratuations Stephen!

Cam Hathaway has participated in Mentorship Plus for the past five years as a career mentor and worked at inspiring teachers and educators. Cam is the Niagara District School Board Superintendent and a great contributor to Mentorship Plus. Cam recieved the 5 year Award!


Throughout the evening we also heard from Murry Wickett- an Associate Professor and History Department Chair, as he shared his experience of mentoring, and the relationships that have flourished from the History mentoring. Yvonne Liang, a graduating student mentee gave a warm and special thank you to her mentor for giving her opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. 

Lastly a special thank you was made to our 4 Mentorship Plus assistant staff, Jennifer Langdon, Stephen Amoah, Lauren Bauer and Andrea Bobb. They work extremely hard, ensuring each partnership is strong and thriving and made this year such a success!

We are hoping to exceed 400 first and senor relationships next year, so stay tuned for how you can be invovled. It was such an amazing night celebrating a fantastic year! Thank you to all participating and supporting in Mentorship Plus and Mentoring at Brock U.

- Hillary

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