Friday, November 4, 2011

Dress Code at Career Expo

To make the best first impression to an employer, dressing appropriately should be a no brainer. You should be surprised, however, at how many people don’t make the effort to look their best. Sam and I made a video on “What Not To Wear” for job interviews this summer which would be a good first place to start if you aren’t too sure what you should be wearing, with examples from our wonderful models, Stephen and Sonya.
For our Career & Post-Graduate Expo event, it is encouraged that attendees dress business casual. A popular question that many people ask is what business casual dress actually consists of. Obviously there are differences between male and female business casual, which I will attempt to explain (I wouldn’t leave you to work it out on your own… J)

For females, dress pants or a knee length skirt should be worn. Jeans are definitely not appropriate, or anything too baggy or skin tight for that matter. A top or shirt which is not low cut would be fine and a jacket or cardigan would be optional. For shoes, low heels that are closed at the heels that are closed at the toes should be worn and keeping jewelry to the minimum keeps your look classy and professional.
For males, suits are always the best way to go. Ties should be worn, but again, jackets would be optional. Shirts should be long sleeved and ironed and shoes polished. It’s that simple!

A general note to everyone would be to stay away from chewing gum and heavy perfume/aftershave. Hair should be clean and tidy and having a shower before the event wouldn’t hurt. Employers do like you to be clean. Who would have thought?

I have also heard that people try and dress for the company they are applying to. So, if they wanted to get a job at Sportchek for example, they would go to their interview in track pants and running shoes. I can see the logic, but it is always better to be the one person dressed up than the one person who didn’t make an effort.
I really like this website that goes into detail about the guidelines for business casual. Just remember, as students, you aren’t expected to buy a new wardrobe for interviews. Looks are meant to be classic, not trendy and expensive. Having just one outfit that you are comfortable in will help your confidence and land you the job of your dreams!

- Rachel

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