Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Business Cards

Career Expo is next week already! This much anticipated event could potentially add some professional contacts to your network circle. The best way to connect with employers is the good ol’ fashioned business card swaperoo. We’ll call it a Networking Card for our purposes since you’re still a student.

By offering your networking card to an employer you are extending your relationship beyond your elevator pitch and encourage further discussion. Your card should definitely include your full name, email and phone number (define whether it’s home or cell). Some extras might be your website/blog/linked in, university program/year of study, skill words or title of specialization. Don’t cram too much information onto your card – you want to be concise and professional. If you’re a creative type, Google business card designs to get the juices flowing.

Remember, the Career and Post Graduate Expo is not a job fair – it is an opportunity to network. Although employers and organizations are looking to fill positions they may not necessarily take your resume on the spot. Ask to swap business cards and contact them after the Expo to touch base and remind them of your first interaction & your interest to pursue a position with their company.

You can have your cards printed by Brock University’s printing services, but Staples is just as good. If you’re a business student I believe you can order cards from Brock.

Visit Career Services for more tips on how to prepare for Career Expo and represent yourself as a professional applicant.

- Samantha

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