Friday, October 8, 2021



Career exploration can be a daunting journey but navigating it using the right resources and tools can help one succeed. Getting to know what the right career is for you, is not a benchmark to be crossed but rather a journey to be explored. It’s never too late to get started on this journey and career assessments play a crucial part in this journey of yours. Career Assessments help in getting to know yourself better in terms of your personality, values and skills. Quite often students tend to get started on their job search without trying to explore and know about their interest and experiences. It is important to recognise these qualities and traits in order to know what type of a career or job would be the best suited for you. These assessments help you know your strengths and work on gaining new skills.  

There are many different career assessments available on Career Zone that students are advised to check out. Each of these help students in different aspects of career planning and personality and skills identification. Talent Today is one such assessment offered. It assesses your personality and motivations in relation to your career options. This assessment is composed of three aspects, that are the motivations radar (focusing on what motivates you), talent id (helps you know your best skills), and the personality radar (focusing on five dimensions: communicate, manage, dare, adapt and excel). Once you’re done with your profile completion, you get to discover jobs that match best with the results. Talent Today also has an amazing feature of providing you with charts and graphs based on your personal data which looks great on a LinkedIn Profile or a Career Portfolio. 

You can access the Talent Today and the other assessments as well for free! To access it: 

  • Log onto and sign in using your student id and password 

  • Click on the “Student Resources” tab on the dashboard 

  • Click on “Explore Careers” and scroll down to the “Career Assessments” section 

Now you can choose an assessment to complete. We hope these assessments help you towards your journey of navigating a successful career path!  

Written by Mansi Vansia, Career Assistant 
Edited by Kara Renaud, Supervisor of Career Education, CCEE Department

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