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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard!

With the start of the fall semester, we would like to welcome aboard our 2021-2022 Career Assistant team! We are excited to have you all on our team, and with your experience, skills, and talents, we look forward to sharing many successes.

Kwasi Duah

(Honours Psychology Research, minor in Child & Youth Studies, 3rd Year.)

Hi, my name is Kwasi. My favourite courses at Brock include Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 2P15), Lifespan Development (PSYC 2P12) and Child and Youth Studies (CHYS 1F90). My areas of interest also include mental health, a focus on children and youth, specifically those with exceptionalities/special needs. Additionally, I am interested in Medicine and pursuing a career in Medicine. My future research interests lie towards water play, specifically how that impacts cognitive development, namely for children with exceptionalities/special needs. I am also a Don of Activities this year!

Mansi Vansia

(Business Economics Co-op, 3rd Year.)

Hi, my name is Mansi, and my favourite course is Introduction to Marketing (MKTG 2P51). It was the point of inception for my interest in advancing in it, and the case studies made the course so interesting and insightful! Introductory and Intermediate Microeconomics has also been another favourite of mine. My areas of interest include basketball, treks, and the beach. I’ve been a high school basketball player and I’m always up for hikes and beach trips! Currently, I am the Marketing co-chair for Brock Relay for Life, Junior Writer for HerCampus at BrockU and the Membership Engagement Officer for Brock Mental Health Association this year. 

Megan Vlahiotis

(BA in Psychology, minor in Child & Youth Studies, 3rd Year.)

Hi there! I’m Megan Vlahiotis, and I’m a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child and Youth Studies. Some of my favourite Brock courses that I've taken thus far are CHYS 2P35: Children and Youth with Exceptionalities, CHYS 2P38: Childhood, Youth and Society, and PSYC 2P37: Brain and Behaviour II. I’m interested in research surrounding abnormal psychology, developmental cognition, and socialization in child and youth development. I currently work and volunteer in several Brock research labs within the Psychology and Child and Youth departments. I enjoy getting involved with clubs such as the Brock Eco Society, and love playing on different intramural teams!

Aditi Gopikrishna

(Bachelor of Business Administration, minor in Applied Computing, 4th Year)

Hi, I’m Aditi. My favourite courses include Augmented Reality Marketing (MKTG 4P37) and Fluency in Technology (APCO 1P01). I have a passion for dancing and have been dancing since the age of four/ five. I also am passionate about my micro-blogging platform I started last year to help navigate undergraduate career and lifestyles. Currently, I am the Human Resources Coordinator for Goodman Business Students’ Association, the Marketing and Publicity Director for HerCampus at BrockU and the Treasurer for the Brock Malayalee Association.

Jessica Kroeze

(Honours BA in Ancient Art and Archaeology, 2nd Year)

Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm in my second year of the Ancient Art and Archaeology program. My favourite course so far has been Myths of Greek and Roman Gods (CLAS1P95). I'm interested in Classics, TV, movies, dogs, and cooking. I'm also a part of the Law Plus co-curricular program and hope to join BUAS (Brock University Archaeological Society) this year!

Jordan Sheridan

(Biological Sciences, Classics Minor, 3rd Year)

Hi, my name is Jordan. I am in the Med Plus Program at Brock University. My favourite courses so far have been Principles of Zoology (BIOL 2P92), Principles of Microbiology (BIOL 2P98) and Myths of the Greek and Roman Gods (CLAS 1P951)! My areas of interest include Medicine (animal and human health), Mindfulness and Gratitude, Horseback Riding, Painting and Graphic Design. I love dogs, with my own being a beautiful Belgian Malinois! I absolutely love to get involved with extracurricular activities; I currently volunteer as a distress line responder at Compass Community Services, as a stablehand at Equine Ability Niagara and aid in flu-drives and COVID vaccination clinics with Portage Medical Family Health Team. I develop my leadership skills as an executive on the Faculty of Mathematics and Science Council, the Brock Stem Cell Club and the Brock Mental Health Association Club. In my spare time I partake in horseback riding and other endeavours such as the safe transportation of puppies and kittens to their forever home!

New Goodman Career Assistant

Angelina Shtramel

(Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Conc. Accounting, 3rd Year)

Hi, I’m Angelina! My favourite courses are Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 1P91), Introduction to Finance (FNCE 2P91), Operations Management (OPER 2P91) and Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1F94). Some of my interests also include finance and management, Art, Yoga, Cooking, Classical Literature and Philosophy. I have always had a great interest in Finance and Management, which led me to my choice of program. I love exploring and doing Art as a hobby, especially fauvism, expressionism, and pop art. I have been practising various kinds of Yoga for more than 10 years such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, and Bikram. Nutrition and cooking healthier alternatives are another thing I am very interested in. I love to read and reflect on classical literature and philosophical theories. My favourite writers include Chekhov and Dostoevskiy, and the philosophers I like are David Hume and RenĂ© Descartes. Other extracurricular activities I am involved in are volunteering, and a current accounting Internship. 

Returning Career Assistants

Yaa Asare

(Honours Bachelor of Public Health, 4th Year)

Hi, my name is Yaa. This year I will be returning as the Lead Career Assistant for CareerZone, within CCEE. In my new leadership role, I hope to usher our new career assistants comfortably into their new roles and help provide Brock University students with the appropriate resources for their career journey. My favourite courses at Brock include Qualitative Research in Health Sciences (HLSC 3P37), The Health of Children (HLSC 3P80), Cardiac Rehabilitation Practicum (HLSC 3P95), Nutrition (HSLC 2P91), Processes of Health and Wellness (HLSC 3P92) and Health Quality Improvement Special Projects (HLSC 4F91). My interest includes quality improvement in healthcare, global health, healthcare management, and anything related to the health of children, as I aspire to become a pediatrician (globally). Currently, I am part of Brock Niagara Rotaract, a social media coordinator for Brock University Ghana Association (B.U.G.A.) and a member of Interprofessional Education for Quality Improvement Program (I-EQUIP) and Brock Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Brieanna Wannack

(Concurrent Education, Intermediate Senior Program, 3rd Year)

Hi, I’m Brieanna! I am entering my third year in the Concurrent Education Intermediate Senior program with a teachable in English and History. My favourite courses include The Study of Language (LING 1F25) and Young People’s Literature after 1914 (ENGL 2P11). I have a passion for helping children of all ages in achieving their goals. Outside of the university, I enjoy yoga and skating. Not only am I a Senior Career Assistant, but this year I am also entering the role as the Co-Curricular Record Assistant with Career Education! 

Returning Goodman Career Assistant

Liam Nowacki

(BBA, minor in Applied Computing, 4th Year)

My name is Liam, and I am a senior Career Assistant for the Goodman School of Business here at Brock University. I’m currently in my final year of the BBA program while also pursuing a minor in Applied Computing. My favorite courses are all the coding courses I’m taking for my minor, I love the problem solving and figuring out the simplest way to solve complex tasks. Outside of work I’m looking to continue my DECA competitions for Goodman School of Business and further improve on our award-winning season last year. When I’m not focused on academics you can usually find me running around St. Catharines as I train for my first marathon or enjoying finally being able to be on campus this year.

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Written by Yaa Asare, Lead Career Assistant and Blog Manager
Edited by Kara Renaud, Supervisor of Career Education, CCEE Department

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