Friday, February 19, 2021

Finding Remote Opportunities

The idea of ‘working from home’ is quickly moving from a luxury to an expectation for many employers. COVID-19 has changed the look of the workforce forever. Many organizations are switching to a remote online focus. Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking for remote work. 


1. Make Sure You Look Within Yourself First 

Ask yourself questions, learn more about who you are! Before you can know what you want and how to market yourself it is crucial to know yourself. 

Ask yourself:  

  • Does working from home align with my personality?  
  • Will I be productive at home, am I comfortable with technology being the forefront of my work experience? 
  • Will this help my mental health? 
  • How long do I want to work remotely? 

As students working virtually for this year this has given us an amazing look into the world of working remotely, so reflect on this year and how it made you feel. This will help give you a better understanding for the future. 

Career Zone also offers many tools for you to get a better understanding of your interests and skills, through programs like CareerCruisingColour Code, and many more! Take a look at the portal for tools to help with your self-discovery. 


2. Set Daily and Weekly Goals 

Set aside time to devote to your job search and preparation.  Set short term goals and celebrate successes. For example, “I want to apply to 5 jobs by the end of this week!” This will keep you on track and your spirits high Remember to take breaks and schedule time for yourself; your job search should not consume you!  

 3. Leverage Your Social Media  

Make sure you stay up to date with your LinkedIn profile and be active. Connect with people and build relationships. This helps showcase your skills and experiences to employers. 


4. Tailor Your Job Search  

Search terms ‘remote’ or ‘virtual’ in job search engines to help find virtual friendly industries. Furthermore, take a look at job boards specifically for remote work such as RemoteOk or FlexJobs (Links offered on Career Zone). 

5. Utilize Your Network  

Did you know that 80% of jobs come from the hidden market? Talk to family, friends, employers, and coworkers about your goals and seek help. Take time to build relationships even when at home. 


6. Track Your Search 

Working from home can make every day seem like the next. Keep an excel file with your job search log including the date applied, title, company, and any notes to help you stay on track and organized. 

Career Zone is here to help your remote job search. Through our portal you can access many student resources focused on remote work and preparing you for your job search. Furthermore, you can receive help by emailing to ask your questions and receive resume and cover letter help. You can also attend virtual drop in and CareerZone Cafe workshops that are scheduled on the events calendar on Career Zone. You are not alone in this search, don't be afraid to seek help and get support. We are here for you!  


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