Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Find a Part Time Job!

So it's a brand new school year and classes are well underway. What are you going to do to fill those spaces between lectures, before (or preferably after) you're done your assignments, and to make some extra cash?

...Well, you're going to apply for a part-time job, of course!

The benefits of working part-time during your studies?

  • Meet new people as well as network with professionals that can lead to opportunities post graduation in your field!
  • Expand your resume and skills which can give you essential experience for your future career path!
  • Help finance your education and other expenses including books, events, activities and much more!

Where can I find a part-time while I'm in school at Brock? 

Career Zone: Don't forget we have an online job board for students! You can access this at 

Local Resources: If there aren't any positions posted that catch your eye on Career Zone, we suggest reaching out to local organizations. Check out Job Gym, a website posting positions all around the Niagara Region both part-time and full-time.

Popular Employers: There are opportunities all around you! Specifically, there are places that hire tons of students such as the Niagara Outlet Collection and the Pen Centre. For these employers, you can look online or submit resumes in person!

How can you prepare for your job search?
  1. Visit CareerZone online or in person
  2. Grab a resume and a cover letter template to get started on your documents 
  3. Stop on by for a drop-in resume and cover letter review 
Other ways Career Zone can help you find that perfect part-time job?

Shop For Jobs!
Where: The Pen Centre 
When: October 16th, 2018
What: A job fair at the local mall to hire students! 

Keep an eye out for more tips and events to help with finding a part-time job and for more information visit

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  1. This is a great blog post, with lots of useful information that can help many students around campus. It was good to really explain how there can be benefits to school and work at the same time, it shows on a resume that you can both multitask two important jobs. I like how there are many options for students to find part-time jobs that they may have not thought of before like job gym and many students still do not think careerzone.
    Hopefully students find this as helpful as I did and visit careerzone for any in-person services we offer around job searching!