Friday, June 15, 2018

Internships, Co-Ops & Much More

Internships, Co-Ops & Much More...

Internship & Co-Op Season is approaching! Summer's not over yet, but as students already start planning their Fall here at Brock, we just want to remind you of some useful tips once you start the process of looking for an internship, co-op or even a job!

STEP 1: Resume

When applying for internships, co-ops or Fall jobs, your resume is your most important asset. Your resume highlights your experience and much more and this is what employers will base you off of. If you don't have a resume or do but it is outdated, don't stress! This is where we come in.

At CareerZone, you can get help creating a resume, using one of our templates (available in center or online). But also, we can help edit your resume!

STEP 2: Find A Position

The hardest part in your internship, co-op or job search is finding those positions that interest you. Although they can be hard to find, the perfect internship, co-op or job is out there. Here are some places to do some digging and find that perfect place.

You probably never realized how beneficial LinkedIn can be for you at this point in your career but think about it, you connect with many people on a professional database! The best part: those professionals you connect with often hire interns and co-op students. Reaching out on LinkedIn could be your first step in search!

  • Make a post sharing you are looking and interested in a position in your field!
  • Introduce yourself to professionals you are interested in working with!
  • Keep up to date on organizations and companies hiring in the area of your interest!
Reach out to personal connections that you have in the industry of your interest!

  • Remember the networking event you attended last year? Who did you meet?
  • Your favorite prof in your department? Maybe he can recommend you!
  • Your friend/family has the inside scoop on a company? Reach out!

Don't forget we have an online job board for student access! Keep up to date and you never know when you could your perfect fit.

Step 3: Cover Letter
The next step in your internship, co-op or job process is writing a cover letter! Once you've found that dream position, you're still going to have to work to get it.

When you apply for your internship, co-op or job, most likely you will need to submit a cover letter and resume. Of course, we can help you with this too! We also have templates online and in center to get you started.

In your cover letter, you will want to outline your skills, experience and why you are the dream candidate for your dream job. Don't worry, it's not as hard as you think and we're here to help.

                                               Things to remember during your search:
Stay positive! Ask questions! Reach Out! 

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