Thursday, October 1, 2015

Track Your Experiences!

Now that we are a few weeks into school, I'm sure many of you have had the opportunity to attend a campus event or activity, sign up for a club, or maybe you've started volunteering already! But did you know you can track these experiences too?

Well the secret is out! You totally can track your experiences! And not just in one way, but TWO ways!

Want more details? Then keep reading!

Experience Plus is Brock's co-curricular transcript program and the first of it's kind here at Brock! Not only can you track your experiences (which include on-campus jobs, volunteer hours, awards/certificates, professional development and workshops), but you can also earn a certificate for your volunteer hours through Volunteer Plus (for more info, click here), as well as get your official transcript printed which includes ALL of the experiences you've inputted that are verified. To get started, head to then go to the Student Self Serve menu. The tab on the left that says "Career Services" is where you would go to track your experiences (under "Student Data") and request your transcript to be printed. The transcript can be presented to employers to highlight your involvement and is also a great addition to a career portfolio!

Experience BU is Brock's student involvement portal and is the best place to find out about upcoming events and activities happening around campus and within the region as a whole. And not only does Experience BU provide you with event details and local happenings, you can also track your experiences through the Campus Wide Co-Curriculum which encompasses different facets of experiences, from Arts & Culture to Career Prep (which we can help you with!).  Click here to explore the different curricula you can complete, as well as events and activities which you can track on your Co-Curricular transcript!

Now that you are in the "know" of how to track all that you do here at Brock, why not get started! If you would like our help with anything, please stop by the Career Resource Centre and speak with one of our student staff! We are all trained on how to use both Experience Plus and Experience BU and can help you navigate these platforms successfully!

Have a great day Badgers!

Scarlet Stark
Sr. Career Assistant
Psychology Major

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