Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Related Careers: The Same but Different

It is easy to get stuck in the mindset that there are only a few careers out there to chose from. 

Aside from being a teacher, fireman/firewoman, doctor, lawyer, what is there? LOTS! Ok so maybe those examples are a little elementary, but I hope you can understand the point I am trying to make.

In ALL fields there are well known jobs, and jobs that may have unfamiliar titles. Part of the job search process involves identifying jobs in our fields, but how can we do that if we don't know what they are called? Related careers exist in all fields, and can offer you a job that can potentially meet your needs without being stuck in the " I have to be a XYZ"!
For example:

Aside from being an elementary/secondary teacher, what else can you do?

There are instructor positions, one on one tutor positions, positions where you are in a teaching role, but you may not be in a classical classroom setting. These jobs may have different names, and the names of the positions may change depending on where  you work.

So how do I find these jobs?

These jobs can be found by simply keeping an open mind. When browsing job postings, don't zone in on well known job titles. See what comes up, and click on unknown titles to learn more.

Easier than that, sign in to career zone and go to CareerCruising. On CC you can search positions but you can also type in a position and on the left hand side there is a RELATED CAREERS button that will provide you with a list of jobs that are the same but different.

 When I say the same but different,  I mean that it can satisfy your inner needs. Your reason for wanting to be in that job or field but may have a different setting, goal, or you may be working with different people.

Be open to all job titles, and don't be afraid to learn more about them. Google is your best friend!

 If you would like to chat more about related careers, or what related careers may be in your field, come on in to Career Services and chat with any of our friendly Career Assistants. We would love to help you!

Becky White
4th year Tourism and Environment

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