Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Core Elements for Job Application

Resources offered by the Career Resource Centre such as editing resumes and cover letters are unknown to an extent, or not used to the full extent. Career services uses a broad range of different editing strategies that are all to give individuals the best opportunity at 
success in job applications.

A resume is a summary of different jobs  and experiences that an individual has gotten skills and 
qualifications from. A cover letter is a tailored document outlining why a  person is passionate or wants to pursue a certain job. It is important to  note that a cover letter and a resume work in a communal fashion to  convey qualifications and expertise.. What makes Career Service’s  really special is that the Career Assistants all have experience and 
training writing cover letters and resumes.

What a cover letter or resume review looks like is a student coming in  with a hard copy of their resume or cover letter and they can sit face  to face with a career assistant. This is a drop in service, there are additional resources and these are accomplished by friendly customer  service.

References are a vital document, essentially for applying to jobs. There  are 3 different styles of references: One being an academic (professor or teacher), the next being a personal (close friend), and  the last being a professional (a boss). These points of view give your prospective boss an opportunity  to get to know you holistically.
Stop by the Career Resource Centre and get your career documents reviewed today!


Tyler Harris                                 Kaitlyn Daw
3rd year Psychology                   3rd year English Language & Literature 

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