Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Other Career Assessments - The Needle in the Haystack

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In the past few blog posts, we have outlined some very useful career-assessments offered at Brock such as career-cruising and Type Focus. There are a plethora of different career-assessment options that I highly recommend taking that are offered both within and outside of Brock.

http://kiaparedes.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/pr.jpgThe third career assessment that is offered on Careerzone is called TalentToday. This self-assessment is relatively new, and is always growing and expanding. When I first took the self-assessment, it was fairly primative. Now, after months of feedback and development, the self-assessment tool is much more complete, and offers some really unique insights on your personality and motivations. They offer some neat graphs and visuals on tendencies such as stress management and teamwork. (see right)

There are also some really great self-assessments outside of the ones offered on CareerZone. itsajuggle.ca offers a plethora of information and links to many different career assessments. Here's a quick summary provided by juggle on some well-known self-assessments that you can take, that are offered through itsajuggle.ca:

- Princeton Review 5-Minute Career Quiz: "This short career quiz that helps you understand the type of jobs suited to your interests and preferred work style. It’s a favourite of bestselling career author Richard Bolles. To take the assessment you will need to register (don’t worry, it only takes a few seconds)."

- Myers-Briggs Personality Type: "This video will help you discover your Myers-Briggs personality type. It will show you the four facets of personality and help you discover the four-letter personality type that fits you best."

- Holland Code: "This test will discover your best job based on your strongest career interest among six occupational themes."

Self-assessments are a great tool; they help identify your evolution as a professional. There are so many career assessments available, many of them free. I recommend taking a few of these favourites and trying to find similarities between the different results!

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