Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome back students and welcome new Career Assistants!

Welcome back BrockU students! We hope everyone had a terrific summer break and are ready to be back at school. We have already seen a bunch of new faces come into the Career Resource Centre which has been so exciting for us. We have a lot to offer to all students so don't be afraid to come check out the centre on the first floor of the James A. Gibson Library.

Our hours for Fall/Winter 2014-15 are Monday through Friday from 9am-4:30pm.

If you stop by the Career Resource Centre you will notice some new faces here too! We have seven new team members that are hard at work training to give you the best information that they can! I have asked them to write a little but about themselves, what they did this summer, and why they wanted to be a Career Assistant:

Tyler Harris:

Tyler is in his third year of Psychology and wanted to become a Career Assistant because he is always looking for ways to help students. He found this job unique because it helps himself develop into the career world and he can also assist students with this same goal. This summer he competed in the World Pipe Band Champions in Glasgow, Scotland! This year he plans on competing with his bagpipes on a solo scale nationally and internationally. We are so excited to have such a musical and adventurous team member like you this year!

Wajeeh Alvi:

Wajeeh is studying Computer Science (co-op) with a minor in Business and pursuing a concentration in Artificial Intelligence (AI). After graduation he is looking forward to working in his field and furthering his freelance web design career. Wajeeh wanted to be a Career Assistant because he is genuinely interested in helping people with their career development and would like to be able to give career advice. We know you will be able to bring many good resources to the BrockU community Wajeeh!

Scarlet Stark:

Scarlet is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, she would like to become a school adviser or counselor in a secondary or post-secondary level of education! This summer she enjoyed going to a lot of fun concerts and taking some time off to relax. This fall she is looking forward to going to the Fleetwood Mac concert with a friend! Scarlet wanted to become a Career Assistant because she was looking for a position that gave meaningful outcomes, like helping someone find a job! You're so sweet Scarlet and we look forward to working with you this year! 

Sarah Mitchinson:

Sarah is currently studying Psychology with a minor in Sociology at Brock. After graduation she would like to attend grad school to continue her studies in Psychology. Something exciting that she has planned for this year is going snowboarding in New York when the snow starts to fall. Sounds like so much fun Sarah! We are happy to have you with us this year.

Simon Drum:

Simon is one of our first Graduate Career Assistants! He is taking his MA in Applied Health Sciences (Health and Physical Education), specializing in Sport Psychology. As a huge sport fan, a highlight of his summer this year was going to Pittsburgh and Boston to see the iconic ball parks that they have! As a Graduate Career Assistant, he looks forward to growing the capacity of Brock Career Services to assist grad students with their career paths. We look forward to hearing all your ideas Simon!

Monika Parsons:

Monika is also one of our first Graduate Career Assistants! She is taking her MA in Child and Youth Studies. Upon graduation she would like to work in a Residential Treatment setting for children, advocate, teach/mentor relational child and youth care (CYC) practice. Something exciting she did over the summer was travelling to St. John's, Newfoundland and hiking part of the East Coast Trail with a toddler strapped on her back! She wanted to be a Graduate Career Assistant to assist peers with achieving their goals and create future plans that will lead them to success. We feel very fortunate to have an individual like you join our team this year!

Kaitlyn Daw:

Kaitlyn is studying English, Language and Literature with a minor in Applied Computing here at Brock! After graduation she would like to attend Humber College to complete a program in Creative Publishing as well as a program in Graphic Design. Something exciting she has planned for this year is being the head of Brock Eco Clubs fundraising committee! Kaitlyn wanted to become a Career Assistant because she wants to help other people see the value in their degree and assist them in their search for a career they will love. We know Kaitlyn is going to make a great editor with her background in English!

As a team, we look forward to working with all of you this year! We hope you learn and develop essential job market skills that will allow you to assist others in reaching their career goals. We look forward to hearing all of your ideas and helping you make an impact on our 2014-2015 team!

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