Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Set yourself apart with Plus Programs!

In today’s difficult job market extracurricular activities and volunteer work are becoming just as important as your education and work experience when applying for jobs. To help make yourself standout and showcase your achievements and skills gained outside the classroom, our department has a variety of programs you can get involved in.

Experience  Plus
This program is designed to break the no-job-no experience cycle. It is free, non-credit program open to all Brock University students. Students work towards developing a transcript that documents non-academic & work related achievements. Your Experience Plus transcript will link your experiences to the skills employers are looking for and is the perfect tool to help you build your resume and enhance your portfolio. All of our department’s plus programs are tracked on an experience plus transcript. Visit Experience Plus webpage and start recording your experiences now!

Volunteer Plus
A program designed to ensure you receive the recognition that you deserve for your volunteer work. Students track their volunteer hours through their Brock portal and will receive a Volunteer Plus certificate for the total number of volunteer hours completed each year. Volunteer Plus is a great tool to highlight your community involvement & strengthen your portfolio. Visit the Volunteer Plus webpage for more information.

Mentorship Plus
A program that connects students to a network of alumni and community mentors to inspire them to become leaders in their chosen fields and contributing members of society.  Students can be a mentor and share their experiences, or you can be a mentee and learn from someone who knows the ropes. For more information on this program visit the Mentorship Plus webpage.

Corporate Mentorship
A program that give students a chance to meet with industry professionals, to network and learn more about their sector. Students will have the opportunity to: explore new businesses and career options and work closely with company executives and network with professionals. More information can be found on the Corporate Mentorship webpage.

International Plus
This program is aimed at increasing the global and cultural awareness of students through volunteer placements that spark interactions with people from around the world. The program has 3 components: workshops, lectures, volunteer experience. An International Plus certificate is a great way to highlight your diverse experiences! Check out the International Plus webpage  for more information.

Med Plus
A four year non-credit initiative designed to run concurrently with a student’s academic study. This program can provide you with the competitive edge necessary to set yourself apart from other students in the health care field. More information on this program on the Med Plus webpage.

Music Ed Plus
A four year, co-curricular experiential program which includes practical learning opportunities, as well as workshops and lectures by experts in diverse musical careers. It gives students a competitive edge when applying for jobs and/or further education in the music industry. Full details can be found on the Music Ed Plus webpage

Start setting yourself apart from the competition today by getting involved in our Plus Programs. Stop by the Career Resource Centre in the Learning Commons if you have any questions!

Mike Pratas, Senior Career Assistant
3rd year Political Science  

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