Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tips for Finding a Summer Job

It's time for the scramble...everyone is worried about how they are going to make money over the summer break! Well, Career Services has a few tips and resources that you may find useful to give you an advantage in landing that great summer job!

Here are some great job search sites for on and off-campus jobs:
Here are some government job search websites:
Summer Camps:
Additional Sites:
You can also check out the Find a Job section of our website for more online job boards to help in your search. 

Tapping into the hidden job market is also an excellent can use some of the business and community directories in our Occupational Research section to get the contact information and/or address of local businesses and organizations and then contact them even if they do not have not posted a job opening on a job board.

Final Tips:
  • Start early - summer jobs are posted now!
  • Have a plan - focus on what type of job you want and target your search
  • Practice your interview skills and be confident in your ability to talk about your skills and achievements. Check out our blog post about interview preparation, or come into the Resource Centre for help!
  • Update your resume and understand how to customize your resume and cover letter 
    • Come see us for a free, drop-in review session!
Jami Coughler, Senior Career Assistant
4th Year Public Health [Honours]; BA: Sociology [Honours] '11

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