Thursday, February 6, 2014

Common Job Search Sites

 More and more employers are advertising their jobs through job search sites which is good news for job seekers. Many job sites are becoming more intuitive and can actually save you time. For example: remembers your search and the next time you use the site it will let you know how many new jobs have been posted under your search criteria. No more browsing around to find the good stuff. Get straight to the honey! is a government job site that allows you to search by region, employment area, full time/ part time and length of employment. the site is easy to navigate, and dates of posts are clearly listed to help you know when jobs were posted and when they will be taken down. Application information is listed in the bottom of each post. is an excellent site for new grads. It is the official job search engine for Canada's Top 100 Employers project. Once you search for jobs, the menu on the left hand side allows you to  pick and choose which options you would like to see and which you would like to limit.

These are just a few of the job search sites we have listed on our job search sites handout in Career Services. Stop by to grab a copy and check them out!

Sr. Career Assistant


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