Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Navigating the Career Pyramid

     One of my favourite resources in the Career Resource centre is the job search pyramid. This neat little pyramid of knowledge breaks down the job search process into 5 easy to understand stages. For many students, searching for a job that will fit their unique talents and preferences can seem overwhelming, and the path to finding these jobs is not clear. The job search pyramid breaks down the search in to manageable bits such as  self-exploration services, research resources, conversations with professionals, site visits, and career try outs.  

     Identifying where you fall within the five steps can give you guidance on what to do at each new stage of searching, and what to do next. In my experience as a Career Assistant, I find that some students need to see a potential path in front of them before they have that "AHA!" moment.  This little pyramid can work wonders for clarifying your job search strategy and streamlining your searching to conserve your precious time and energy. You can come in and check out the pyramid any time 9-4:30 Mon-Fri and identify where YOU are in your job search!

Becky, Sr. Career Assistant
Third Year Tourism and Environment Student

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