Thursday, September 19, 2013

Resource Centre Information - Who are we and how can we help YOU?

Now that we have all had time to settle in to our new courses and schedules, I wanted to let you know the amazing and helpful resources that the Career Services Resource Centre has to offer students, alumni, staff/faculty, and community members!

The Career Services Resource Centre is located on the main floor of the Matheson Learning across from the Peer Assistant Help Desk. We are a free drop-in service open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Listing every single service and resource we provide would take forever so I just wanted to highlight some of the main (the list is still pretty long though!) reasons why the Resource Centre should be on your list of places to visit (frequently!). 

  Career Planning Resources:
o   Degree Exploration Guides – Highlight career options, job search resources, volunteer and internships resources, community directories, and more…We have these tailored to every single program at Brock! They can also be accessed online through our website at:
o   Career Assessments – We offer Brock students and alumni free accessed to Career Cruising and Type Focus. Both are invaluable tools for figuring out who you are, what your interests are, and what jobs you would be good at! They can both also be used as job search tools to find salary rates and job descriptions (hint: use the career options on your Degree Exploration Guide!)
o   Occupational Research Resources – Doing your research is an important step in the career planning process. Knowing what jobs are out there, what they entail, and what you need to do to get to your dream job can help make career-related decisions much easier and practical. Check out our Occupational Research section of our website at:

  Career and Academic Documents:
o   Resume and Cover Letter Reviews – Aside from a multitude of resources and handouts that can help you create and tailor your resume and cover letter to employers, we also offer workshops. For more information go to: . After you create your career documents, bring in a hard copy to our Resource Centre for a free, 10 minute review session with a trained Career Assistant – NO appointment necessary! If you are not on campus, feel free to email your documents to and we will send you back a reviewed copy within about 1-2 business days.
o   CVs, Letters of Intent, Personal Statements of Interest – Just like resumes and cover letters, we have various resources that can help you prepare these academic documents and we offer free review sessions in person (drop-in) or by email.
o   Portfolios – From sample career portfolios to portfolio review sessions, the Resource Centre can help you develop and perfect this vital career tool. 

   Job Search Resources: We can help you find on-campus, off-campus, volunteer, internship, and career positions. Stop by the Resource Centre during office hours or check out our Find a Job section of our website at: . CareerZone (the first site listed under the “Find a Job” tab) is our own online job board for on-campus and community employers to post various types of employment. This requires a valid and active Brock log-in so Alumni may need to re-activate their log-in information to access this site. We also have information regarding interview techniques and offer mock interview sessions if booked at least 2 weeks in advance!

  Further Education Resources: From graduate school guides to academic job search information, we have something for everyone when it comes to further education.

  Abroad Resources: We have tons of resources and information about studying, working, volunteering, and teaching abroad! 
      As you can tell, the Career Services Resource Centre has something a variety of resources that can help you at all stages of your career planning process – we are a MUST on your places to see on campus whether you are an incoming 1st year, graduating student, or alumni. See you soon!

  Jami Coughler, Senior Career Assistant
  4th Year Bachelor of Public Health [Honours]
  Bachelor of Arts: Sociology [Honours] '11

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