Friday, September 20, 2013

Career-Zone! What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Career-zone is your one stop shop for career related resources, events, job postings and more.

The job posting board on career-zone can be configured to show all job/internships/volunteer positions or only on campus positions. Local companies and businesses within brock both paid and volunteer are posted in one convenient location.  Upload your resume and cover letter directly to career-zone to create an application package and apply for jobs right on the website. BAM! Want to see a sample resume from someone in your program? We have those on career zone too!

 The events tab is the place to find out what career related events are happening and when. Events are shown in a calendar format which makes it easy to see what’s happening every day. See something you like? Click on the event for more information or to register.

The resources section of career-zone connects you to special services that are only available to brock students. Websites such as,, and, are offered to Brock students FREE of charge. Through them you will find valuable career assessments which can be a valuable tool and a great first step in your career planning process.  Come in to see a career assistant to learn more about this awesome resource!

Need help writing a resume or cover letter? The workshops tab is a great place to start. Our helpful workshops cover resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing basics, and portfolio development. Once you have the basics down come on in to the career services center with a hard copy of your document and have a career assistant review your documents for free.


This is only a few of the great resources you can find on career-zone. Be sure to take a few minutes and explore how career zone can work for you. Need help? The career services team is always here for you just drop by between 9-4:30 Monday to Friday.


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