Friday, August 23, 2013

TalentEggs’ How to Land your Dream Job in 8 Easy Steps

Hey you! Are you going into your final year of university or college? Are you determined to find a job after graduation? If you answered yes to these questions, then this blog will be of great benefit to you!

According to Kate MacKenzie, who is TalentEgg's Campaign Strategist, 70% of employers hire in the fall and an even higher percentage of students are completely unaware of this.

TalentEgg is unique because it is a Canadian resource aimed at helping new graduates find careers. Additionally, TalentEgg has created an extremely useful guide to help students through the process of landing their dream job; because of course, getting the job you want takes effort!

MacKenzie’s suggestions:

1.      Eager job hunters know when employers plan on hiring. Keep an eye on job boards and company websites so that you catch new postings right away. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you may miss out on. Also remember to check out Career Services online job board. There you will find a vast variety of online job boards that will link you to employers looking for new candidates!

2.      Know what resources are available for your benefit. For instance, Career Services has an interview prep binder loaded with sample questions and information on what to expect during various interview process such as telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and much more. Career Services also offers online workshops accessilble through Career Zone to assist you with resume and cover letter prep, or come into the resource centre and a Career Assistant will go over your career documents with you!

3.      Research various employers and jobs to find out what fits you best. If you are unsure what career you would be interested in, check out Career Cruising on Career Zone. On this site you can participate in assesments that will help you decide which career will best fit your interests and skills.

4.      Develop a professional personal brand. For example, ensure all your social media sites represent a professional “you”. You don’t want party pictures so show up on your Facebook page when an employer decides to do a background search before contacting you for an interview.

5.      Once you have a polished resume and cover letter, start applying!

6.      Keep an eye on how you are progressing with the application process. If you don’t hear anything back from employers, you may need to re-evaluate the quality of your resume and cover letter. Remember, Career Services has online workshops accessible through Career Zone that can help you with these documents. You can also send employers follow up responses to find out what you could improve on.

7.      Prepare for the interview, seriously! If you want to perform well for the interview, develop answers to common questions that employers may ask. As I mentioned earlier, Career Services has many interview question samples and even appropriate answers to interview questions. If you are looking for a “real feel”, you can schedule a mock interview with Career Services which is a great way to practice your interview skills, and receive some constructive feedback.

8.      After the interview, respond with a thank-you follow up. For example, you could e-mail the interviewer thanking them for the opportunity to meet with them and discuss your qualifications; it also doesn’t hurt to remind them why you so greatly want the position.

For more detailed information on TalentEggs’ How to Land your Dream Job in 8 Easy Steps check out the link provided below:

The 2013 September Recruitment Survival Guide: How To Land Your Dream Job In 8 Easy Steps

Nella Paris
Senior Career Assistant
Psychology Major (Honours)

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