Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Interview Anxiety: How We Can Help

Anxious about an upcoming job interview? There are a number of ways that Career Services can help your feel prepared and confident before you meet your potential employer for the first time!

Available in the Career Centre:
If you stop by our drop in centre you will find a number of interview related books including:
Don't stress out! Fear of interviews is treatable
with the right level of preparation and confidence!
  • 101 Dynamic Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview
    - by Richard Fein
  • The Job Interview Phrase Book
    - by Nancy Schuman
  • Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed
    - by H. Anthony Medley
  • Get The Interview Every Time
    - by Brenda Greene
  • Interview Magic
    - by Susan Britton Whitcomb

Also available in our centre is our newly updated Interview Techniques binder which includes sections on Interview Preparation, The Interview, After the Interview, and Specific Types of Interviews. Interesting topics covered include proper attire, portfolio resources, follow up/thank you emails, and the four types of interview questions.

These print resources are available to all students and alumni to view within the Career Services office and the Learning Commons. 

Worried if you have any distracting habits such as playing with your hair or talking with your hands during a job interview? This innovative online tool allows you to practice your interviews with the assistance of a webcam and pre-recorded interview questions.  Having the ability to view a video of yourself getting interviewed will bring any pesky gestures and bad habits to your attention! With over 7000 questions to choose from, students are given the opportunity to tailor the type of interview questions asked to them based on the type of job they are applying to. And the best part is - you can do this in the comfort of your own home!

You can choose to keep your practice interview videos private or share them with friends and family for any additional suggestions. If you would like the opinion of one of our trained Senior Career Assistants you can email the video of your practice interview to our email at and we would be more then happy to provide you with feedback.
And luckily for future grad students, InterviewStream isn't limited to job interviews. If you are a current student applying for graduate school (including Medical School!) then InterviewStream is a great place for you to practice for academic interviews as well! 

This free service is available for both Brock University students and alumni with valid login information. InterviewStream, as well as additional assistance regarding interview preparation, can be found on our website at the following link:
If you have any questions or concerns about the interview process feel free to stop by the resource centre and we will be more then happy to help you out! 

Ashley Paolozzi
Lead Career Assistant
4th Year History of Art and Visual Culture (Honours)

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