Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Self-assessments are valuable tools which can assist you in your career planning process. To find a career that fits you, you need to know about yourself. Self-assessment—or identifying what's important to you—is the first step towards making effective career decisions. Career Zone has two great self-assessments—Career Cruising and Type Focus—which can be accessed upon logging into Career Zone with your Brock user name.

Career Cruising is an online career exploration tool that helps you narrow down career options based on your interests. It provides you with specific job information such as job descriptions, salary/wages, working conditions, education requirements and more! Additional features include a skills and learning styles assessment. Upon completion of the online assessment, Carreer Cruising will then match you with suggested career options based on the results of your assessment.

Type Focus is an interactive self-assessment tool that can help you better understand yourself and assist you in making more effective decisions regarding the next steps in your life. Using this tool, you’ll be able to clarify your values, skills and interests, which will help you to develop goals and a focus, setting the stage for putting your career plan in motion.

Don't underestimate the value of self-assessments. They can provide you with insight and knowledge about yourself that you would have otherwise been unaware of. Take the time to do a self-assessment. A few minutes of your time could provide you with a lifetime of self knowledge!

Nella Paris, Senior Career Assistant
4th Year Psychology Major (Honours)

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