Friday, May 10, 2013

Breaking News...

Good morning everyone...I realize you are not used to hearing from us on a Friday morning BUT we have some fantastic news to share...

Our very own Career Services blog has made the list for "10 Simply Awesome College & University Career Service Blogs"....WOW!! We are ranked among some pretty prestigious schools, such as Harvard and Dartmouth. The author, Jessica Miller-Merrell's blog is ranked as one of the top career site by Forbes Magazine, so to have her rank OUR blog so well really means a lot!

Special thanks needs to go out to our out-going Senior CA team for their amazing efforts on making the Career Services blog so spectacular...we have some pretty big shoes to fill now!

Read what Jessica had to say about us HERE and keep following our blog - it's the right thing to do... :D

Jami Coughler
Senior Career Assistant
4th Year Public Health (Honours)


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