Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Importance of Learning Your Bosses Management Style

Taking the time to learn your boss's management style is important when starting a new position. A bad relationship with the boss - caused by your misunderstanding of what they want, expect and need from you - can make your expereince there, less than what you might have wanted.

 My Advice???

Learn about your boss's leadership style. These include democratic, autocratic/participative and laissez-faire.

Do know the best ways to work with individuals who fall under that style.

Make friends in the workplace and ask them about your boss and the way he/she prefers work to be done and issues to be sorted out.

Clarify with your boss about what he/she prefers in a non-invasive way at a time and location that is convenient for him/her.

So.......... make the most of your experience using these new know how's and use them to learn to distinguish what your bosses management style is - and also what that means for you. Do research about these styles and the way that they can be adapted in the work place. More importantly, learn from those with experience in your workplace (with your boss and coworkers).

And you never know, using this strategy within your first few shifts might help you to make new friends, find a mentor, and maybe... just maybe.... get an in with the boss!!

So Happy Learning Everyone!

Senior Career Assistant

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