Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Six Alternative Options After Graduation!

1) Travel Outside of Canada 
You know that fantasy vacation you daydreamed about going on during lecture? Now's your chance! The summer after graduation is the perfect time to get some traveling in before jumping into the commitment of full-time employment. Exploring a new country could even lead to a job opportunity abroad – so keep your eyes peeled for networking opportunities! Don’t allow yourself to feel trapped within Canada; we have a beautiful planet full of adventure and opportunity waiting to be discovered.
  • Visit Going Global to view resume layouts for different countries and information on working abroad!

2) Apply for an Internship 
Even for entry-level positions, it is necessary now that applicants will have some relevant experience in their field before they can expect to be hired. Many employers will be looking for direct involvement within the field, whether it’s accounting or archaeology, in order for them to feel comfortable investing their time and money into hiring you. Never turn down a relevant internship (even though some may be unpaid) since this qualifies as excellent and relatable experience to put on your resume. Consider finding a part-time job to complement your unpaid internships. 

3) Work Part-time
The reality is, a lot of new grads won't be hired in their fields right away, or sometimes for any full-time positions after graduation. This could be a result of the competitive job market, unmet  qualifications, or just a lag in the need for hires in certain fields. The best you can do is keep applying, upgrading your experience, and finding a way to make money in the meantime! Working part-time gives you the chance to make money (which of course is important in order to pay off those students debts and take care of the bills), enhance and hone relevant transferrable skills, and it also gives you time to intern or volunteer in your career-related field in order to better qualify you for your desired job! And hey, you might find new interests for yourself in the process!
  • Career Zone posts full and part-time positions from all over Niagara and some parts of the GTA, so take a look! Or take a look at some other job posting boards here.

4) Volunteer
Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in your field, or to try something entirely different! There are always a multitude of positions to work with children, youth, special needs, in schools, in hospitals, in food banks, etc. You could volunteer in your community to get to know it better, or maybe a community less fortunate than yours. Or you could go to a different province or country and gain a new perspective on life, your career, and the world! Volunteering looks great on your resume, but its also a great way to ensure you remain well-rounded after having specialized in one field for four years. So if you can manage it, volunteer outside of your comfort zone - you never know what you mind find out about yourself!
  • You can check career Zone for volunteer positions, or take a look at Information Niagara in order to find a position best suited for you!

5) Consider Further Education at Brock University
Was there something you particularly enjoyed about your post-secondary school experience? Are you looking to further qualify yourself for your field of study? Or maybe it's necessary to gain further experience in order to qualify for your career goal? Then consider looking into graduate studies! Brock University offers over two dozen MA programs and almost ten PhD programs that cover every faculty. While doing your graduate studies at Brock you will have the opportunity to apply to research and TA positions in order to assist in paying for your further education, and some programs even guarantee these spots for their grad students!

6) Start a Business
What better way to enhance your skills and network in your field without working full-time than to start your own business? Working for yourself is a great way to be immersed in the industry, and to really explore all sides of the field. Or it could be a fun, quick way to make money with some friends once you're all done school, and to take a break from your program of study for a while. Or even further, it could a great start to a new and interesting career path!
  •    Find out how to start your business here!

For some other suggestions for what you can do immediately after you graduate, here's a fun list.

Happy Choosing!

Ashley and Brittany

PS. Feel free to do more than one or all of the options! You're a new Grad, you've got tons of time :)

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