Monday, June 4, 2012

Congrats to Brock's new grads!

On behalf of everyone at Career Services we would like to send a huge congratulations to
Brock University's graduating class of 2012!!

It's been a long, difficult, and memorable road and we couldn't be more proud of you! 

Whether you're continuing your education with post-grad studies, going straight into the work field, or continuing your job search, Career Services is still here for you! We will always consider our alumni a member of the Brock University community and continue to provide you with any career and post-grad related assistance that you need. 

We are more then happy to assist you with:
  • Cover letter, resume, and CV reviews
  • Letter of intent/personal statement reviews
  • Post-graduate information
  • Study/work/teach abroad information 
  • Entrance exams information
  • General career search strategies 
  • Mock interviews and interview information
  • Portfolio development (even for our non-visual arts grads!)

If you are moving away from Brock University and the Niagara Region, feel free to email us at if you need any assistance in your career search or post-graduate information.
And don't forget to follow Jack McIsaac on Facebook and Twitter (@JackMcIsaac) for any career related information.

Congratulations class of 2012 and best of luck with your future endeavors!

~ Ashley


  1. Yes, i need help in cover letters, thanks and will contact you soon! Congratulation Letters

  2. Hi Lisa!

    For information on cover letters you should check out our online workshop at

    If you would like us to go over your cover letter with you, feel free to stop in the career resource centre!

    Thanks for reading!

    - Ashley

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