Thursday, April 26, 2012

A New Beginning

It's that time of year again...exams are over and April is wrapping up. This means that it's time to say another goodbye, this time to the Career Services Blog writers for the 2011-2012 year. Here are some parting wishes from our co-writers, Hillary and Lia:

It's been a great year at Career Services for me as a Sr. Career Assistant. Leading a team has been wonderful and I've learned so much more about myself both personally and professionally. Helping students to succeed has been truly rewarding and has really added to my overall university experience by working in this role for the past 2 years. Contributing to writing this blog has also been a blast and I look forward to returning next fall and wrapping up my final year at Brock all while continuing to work in this great department! Have a great summer Badgers, and I will see you in September!
          - Lia

Over the past 2 years I've had the privilege to work at Career Services as a Career Assistant and Sr. Career Assistant. Each day that I went to work I was amazed by the calibre of information I was learning and the diversity of students at Brock. I learned so much about the variety of career paths, and amazed by each students aspirations for the future. As I leave this place, ready to take on new adventures, I encourage all to be active in the career process, to network with individuals from all fields, and to have a professional and positive social presence. May you have a wonderful summer, dream big, and always have a back up plan.
        - Hillary

Keep an eye out for our summer posts written by our Summer Career Assistants, Ashley and Brittany! We wish them well on their blogging endeavors.

Till next time! 

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