Tuesday, February 21, 2012

YOUR dreams. YOUR future.

Time and time again I hear students say "My parent's wont be happy with that", or "I don't think my parents will agree with that decision". It takes everything in me not to roll my eyes and reply with "Since when did your future become your parents?". Instead I kindly reply with "That sounds great, let me know how it goes".

For many students, parents, guardians, or role models are a huge factor and have a big influence on their education. It could be that they emotionally or financially support you, maybe they send care packages of love, or review your essays. Whatever influence theses important people have to help you succeed is WONDERFUL!

My concern comes when parents/guardians/role models start directing your future. When they start creating dreams which they want for your reality. I understand they only want the best for you, want for you to be happy and successful, however I wonder how this is possible when their dream's aren't your own?

I think back to Cinderella Story (2004) when Austin's Dad says "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, what are you doing?" Austin replies with "I'm outta here". Austin's Dad says "What! You're throwing away your dream!" Austin's reply "No, Dad. I'm throwing away yours".

This is a perfect reflection of how parents sometimes create dreams for you. If this is your case I would encourage you to sit down with them and discuss what YOU want. It can be touchy, cause some tension but in the end its worth it. What are YOUR dreams? How can YOUR dreams become YOUR reality? Be sincere, honest and open. Share from your heart and acknowledge their support, but in the end, its your future. It should be YOUR dreams becoming YOUR reality.

My best wishes

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