Thursday, February 16, 2012

Changing Your Major: Never too late

Not happy with your major? Realizing that its not for you?

It's not to late to CHANGE!

Changing your major may sound scary, you may struggle with wondering if it really is the best option for you, and wondering if its worth it, but from someone with experience, its worth it!

Why might you want to change your major
  • Not interested- you should be interested in your major, feel engaged with the topics, and really want to be learning the material
  • Job opportunities- maybe you want to change your major because after doing some research you realize the job you've been dreaming of requires you to have a different degree
Whatever reason it is for changing your major, do it with confidence and know its okay to do so. You may consider coming into the Career Service Resource Centre to take a self assessment which will highlight your skills and interests, and what area is best suitable for you. We all have different talents, areas of specialization, and interests and through a self assessment you may find a job in which you never knew possible, and then backtrack to find what kind of education is required.

I would also encourage you to visit your academic advisor. Share your concerns, ask questions and hopefully through some research and conversation you will know which path is best suited for you.

Remember you are in charge of your own life. Change is never easy. You fight to hold on. You fight to let go. It's up to you which battle you will choose.

Best of luck

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