Thursday, December 1, 2011

Writing Resumes

Resume Writing takes time and energy. Its is the one document that showcases all your eduaction, skills, and experience and is a key document for so many applications; work, post-grad, scholarships etc. A resume is a personal document that can be customized and tailored to your liking, however requires some key information in order to best highlight yourself.

Your resume is fundamental to any job search because it provides important inforamtion about you such as;
  • your career goals
  • your work/volunteer experience and extracurricular involvement
  • your academic/educaional achievements
  • your skills and accomplishments
Your resume is a representation of you on paper. The information you choose to include, the words you use, and how you express yourself in writing are all critical.

Here are some quick tips for creating your resume:
  • have a job/career goal in mind when writing your resume
  • keep your information relevant to the job/employer you are applying to
  • highlight your accomplishments as opposed to general job duties
  • have it proofread, and review it for spelling/grammatical errors
If you have any questions regarding resumes, or looking to have it reviewed- please stop by the Career Resource Centre. We offer a FREE drop-in, no appointment necessary review. Feel free to check out our online resume workshop found HERE

Happy Writing!


  1. Great tips. We really to invest time in writing an effective letter in order to have a good deal.


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