Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Large Company vs. Not-for-Profit: Who do you want to work for?

Deciding on the type of company you want to work for after graduation is usually not a question many people ask. Usually students have an idea if what industry they would like to be a part of, but haven’t considered the advantages or disadvantages of working for a corporate versus non-profit organization. There are many differences and it is something that you have to think about as it corresponds with your working style greatly.

Non-Profit          Advantages: Obviously working for a non-profit is extremely rewarding. The misconception still exists, however, that those who dedicate their lives to working non-profit work more hours for less money. This simply isn’t true. There are so many skills to learn and growth within organizations by taking this path. As non-profits get more sophisticated in how they do their business, they are looking for anyone to utilize their skills to change the lives of others.
                                Disadvantages: Working for a non-profit means you have to work miracles with very limited resources. Usually, there are no concrete ways to measure just how much of an impact you are making. The ability to raise money is extremely important, so every penny spent has to be planned and accounted for. This leads to many working in this field to burn out early in their careers.
Large Corporations         Advantages: Working at a large corporation means you get to meet a lot of new people who are of all ages and stages in their career. More people stay at large companies because they have security and enjoy the work they do. Many large corporations also offer perks such as trips and gym memberships to their employees who have worked there for a few years.
                            Disadvantages: Job descriptions are often set in stone and there may not be a lot of room to move around once you get your foot in the door. Promotions can only go so high and many people dislike the routine of the standard 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job. Many new grads do not get the opportunity to work in a position where they make decisions, so all work must be approved by someone else which can be frustrating and time consuming.
Thinking about this information now can save you making a costly mistake in the future. Choosing what kind of environment suits your work style should be high on your priority list and is a great question to ask an employer on an interview. So what will it be, non-profit or large corporation? You decide.
- Rachel

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