Monday, January 29, 2024

Effective Job Search Strategies

Welcome back Badgers from the Winter Break! Now that you're back to school, you might be starting to think about looking for a Summer Job, or maybe you're wanting to look for an On- Campus job for the following school year! Look no further! (Just kidding, you do need to look for the jobs yourself after you're equipped with the resources). This blog will help guide you on effective job search strategies to ensure you find what you're looking for amongst your busy schedules! 

    Searching for a job can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. This is where CareerZone can help you with our Quick Tips on job search! You can access the following tips and more at -> Student Resources -> Job Search Websites.  

  1. Share your Career Goals: Inform everyone you know on your Career Goals. You never know who they might know and it’s a great start to your networking! 

  1. Informational Interviews: Job search can be difficult if you don’t know anyone in your field, so do some research on others doing work you are interested in pursuing! Ten Thousand Coffees is a great way to connect with Brock alumni who were in the same boat as you. You can access this through -> Student Resources -> Exploring Careers. 

  1. Social Media: Creating strong, professional LinkedIn/Twitter profiles can help you connect with recruiters and potential employers, where a lot of jobs are now being posted! 

  1. Professional Associations: Getting involved in professional associations in your field is a great way to build connections and network for potential future opportunities! 

  1. Career/Employment Industry Directories: There are many directories available online to help you further with your job search, and as always, the CareerZone portal has many more resources to help you with further guidance if needed! 

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to tackle your job search with all of the CareerZone resources available to you! I wish you luck on your job searching journey and remember you got this, Badgers!  

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    Written by Jenna Meier, Career Navigator 

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