Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Going Abroad

Have you ever wanted to work, study, or volunteer in another country?! Consider Going Global…


… Going Global is “a country-specific career and employment database containing up-to-date information on policies, procedures and tips for going abroad” (CareerZone). It is an opportunity to explore international career, volunteer, and employment resources by Country and Global City.


Through the experiential learning opportunities, you can explore, study and apply academic content in a purposeful way outside the classroom through short-term field trips or intensive and immersive long-term fieldwork.

What’s it like going abroad?


Jessica’s Archaeological Practicum:

“I participated in CLA3F75 which was an archaeological practicum course in summer 2022, working at a site called Gournia in Greece, […] I learned how to be adaptable and think on my feet. I met many amazing people, […] and was able to network with many different professionals across many roles”.


Victoria’s Term Abroad in New Zealand:


Through the Geography and Tourism Department at Brock University, I was able to go and study a semester in New Zealand, where “I learned about ecotourism, wildlife, tourist attractions, and the New Zealand landscape. […] I began by studying at Otago University in the South Island, […] and I am now travelling across both islands. […] I found this learning style more effective as I am able to put in perspective what I was taught in class and read during readings”.


Things to consider:

 §Visa Requirement (what type of Visa will you need?)

§  Cost of Living (How much does it cost to live in the country of choice?)

§  History of organization/company (do they have a good reputation?)

§  Certifications (any additional training required to work in the country of choice?)

§  What type of coverage and insurance will you need?


Going Abroad Resources:


Exchange and Study Abroad: Exchanges and Study Abroad(3).pdf (


Volunteer Abroad:  Volunteering Abroad(4).pdf (


Work Abroad: Working Abroad(4).pdf (


CareerZone: Student Resources à Going Abroad


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Written by Kwasi Duah, Senior Career Assistant and Blog Manager 

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