Monday, October 31, 2022

Dressing up for Halloween at Work

Happy Halloween Badgers! Yes, it’s that time of year again, where we can decorate our homes, carve out pumpkins, scare people, and most important of all, dress up in fun costumes at work. There are many great costumes to choose from, but there are some that are less workplace appropriate then others. Here are a few tips from CareerZone on work appropriate Halloween costumes. 


Tip 1: Do not turn traditional clothing into a costume. 

It’s never okay to mock or turn someone’s cultural clothing into your own fashion statement. 


Tip 2: Keep it simple. 

It might be tempting to go all out for Halloween and wear the most complicated costume you can think of, but keep in mind you’ll be wearing the costume throughout the work day. Try to find the right balance of comfort and enthusiasm. 


Tip 3: Do not bring fake weapons to campus. 

Yes, the extremely long knife goes perfectly with your costume, but have you thought about the safety risk that fake weapons could bring and the comfort of others seeing such weapons on campus? 


Tip 4: Wear a costume that you can change out of quickly and bring extra clothes. 

In case of an emergency situations, consider finding a costume that you can jump in and out of quickly. Bring a change of clothes to school with you just in case.  


Tip 5: Avoid revealing costumes 

Revealing costumes might be better suited for other environments, but work is not one of them. We recommend wearing a more modest costume to work.   


Top 5 Spookiest Jobs 


Although we tend to celebrate the spooky season in October, there are people whose daily lives are to work in spooky environments and practice gory tasks! Here are the top 5 spookiest jobs around the world! 


#5: Miner 

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Description automatically generatedMiners are required to work extremely long hours in tight spaces with very little light, with many airborne hazards such as diesel emissions and silica, which is industrial sand and gravel that has high amounts of silicon dioxide. On top of that, miners have a constant worry over their head because anything can happen down in the mines, such as cave-ins, gas explosions, chemical leaks, flying debris and more.  


#4: Clinical Trial Subject 


A full-time clinical trial subject is an individual who participates in a clinical trial as the test subject of medications that have not been cleared for commercial use. The participants are selected according to the standards of the clinical trial such as age, gender, past treatment, medical history, and any medical conditions. Although there are many safety measures put in place to ensure the safety of the participants, disaster can still strike. If you want to read a true story of the clinical drug trial gone wrong, check out the article below! 



#3: Air Traffic Controller 


A picture containing text, aircraft

Description automatically generatedAir traffic controllers play a critical role in passenger safety during flights because they guide and advise pilots during the take-off, the duration of the flight, and the landing. An air traffic controller typically uses radars, computers, and other visual references to monitor and direct the movement of an aircraft through the sky and ground traffic at airports. Their job environment consists of an extremely heavy workload, and a high-consequence environment as if they do not do their job correctly, this could happen: (Breaking Bad scene)


#2: Forensic Entomologist 


A picture containing text

Description automatically generatedA creepy job, such as a forensic entomologist, gathers and analyze specimens and data to give expert advice in a crime investigation. That sounds relatively “normal” until you find out what the specimens they are referring to are: maggots. These arthropods act as an aid to help find the time and place of death. You may be surprised to find out that forensic entomologists have been around for centuries and they are extremely useful in convicting criminals and exonerating innocent people. Learn more about forensic entomologists in the link below!


#1: Paranormal Investigator 


A person in a garment

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceA paranormal investigator is an individual who explores places that people claim are haunted or contain some sort of paranormal energy. The investigator then collects and analyzes evidence from the paranormal site, will conclude whether there is the presence of paranormal energy or if there is no indication of paranormal energy. Paranormal investigators often work in teams, and they are known to hold stakeouts for a paranormal investigation site for long periods of time to record any abnormal activity in the area. Check out the link for more details on paranormal investigators.


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Written by Bikram Rathaur, Career Assistant
Edited by Kara Renaud, Manager of Career Education, CCEE Department

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