Friday, April 29, 2022

This is not Goodbye, Just Farewell for Now!

As we come to the end of another academic year, we want to extend our gratitude to members of our Career Assistant team who are graduating or moving on to new opportunities. Thank you all for your hard work and contributions during your times spent. Good luck on all your new adventures!

Yaa Asare
(Honours Bachelor of Public Health)

Hi, my name is Yaa Asare, and as the schoolyear wraps up, I just want to take a moment to reflect on my journey as a Career Assistant. I can say that when I first started my role, I was a bit shy, but overtime I was able to gain the needed confidence in my own skills and abilities. Being a part of a wide variety of projects such as Co-op work integrated Learning (CEWIL), Canada Career Month, the CZ blog and many more have allowed me to gain new knowledge, as the journey of learning never stops. I have enjoyed my time working here, and the experiences I have gained will stay with me both professionally and personally.

I am so excited to announce that I will be starting a new position as a Talent Development Assistant at Brock University and can’t wait to begin this new journey. I’m looking forward to all the different projects I will be apart of and working with members from the larger CCEE team. I sincerely thank and appreciate all those who I have worked with, and my supervisors for their dedication and commitment towards my growth. Your supports do not go unseen, and I deeply appreciate your help.

Liam Nowacki
(Bachelor of Business Administration – Minor in Applied Computing)

My name is Liam and I'm entering my final weeks as a Senior Career Assistant for the Goodman School of Business. I'm very excited to be graduating in a few weeks with my Bachelor of Business Administration and a minor in Applied Computing. My time as a Career Assistant working with CCEE has been an amazing journey with a fantastic group of people. We've been able to accomplish so much at CareerZone whether it be the CEWIL campaigns to our weekly cafes and everything in-between. Being able to assist students with their career development proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my undergraduate career, and I'm extremely sad to be going! Seeing everything transition to an online environment last year, to the uncertainty and ever-changing conditions of this year, our team has never failed in its goal of continuing to provide students with the highest quality resources and support for their career development.

I'm currently undergoing the interview process and trying to finalize the next steps of my professional development, looking forward to solidifying my next chapter. I'm looking forward to entering the next stage of my career and am hopeful to come back for my MBA at Brock in a couple of years! I can't speak highly enough of my time here as a Career Assistant and know the next generation of students is in good hands as our current Career Assistants grow into leadership positions, and new individuals passionate about career development join the team. Sad to go, but excited for the future. Surgite!

Jordan Sheridan
(Honours Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences & Med Plus Student)

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Career Assistant over the past 2021-2022 school year! It is a very rewarding role to be able help others in areas which you have likely also previously struggled (I know I have)! To enhance resumes, provide tips on how to successfully interview, discuss networking and support one’s job search, amongst many other roles, was a delight. Not only did this role allow me to support my fellow students and peers, but it also developed my skillset on both a personal and professional level. The skills developed are ones I can take with me into my future!

This past year has been a whirlwind for me. It is more than okay to change your mind or explore various professions; my best advice is to let yourself flow in whatever direction the wind may take you! My next steps will be to undergo research this summer within the Pathobiology department of the Ontario Veterinary College – University of Guelph. I will then return to complete my fourth and final year at Brock University in which I plan to take a year off afterwards to continue working as a Veterinary Assistant and a Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer. My eventual goal will be an application to the Ontario Veterinary College to pursue my passion and dreams!

Mansi Vansia
(Bachelor of Business Economics)

It is a bittersweet moment to finally bid adieu to something that played an instrumental role in shaping my future career steps towards this uncertain yet wonderful journey I am headed towards. I still have a clear memory of the day I received an email from CareerZone, informing me of their decision to select me as one of the Career Assistants for the year 2021-22. Since then, there has been no looking back. The experience has been such an enriching one that not only allowed me to contribute towards others’ growth, but also my own. Being a CA helped me develop various new skills and improve upon the ones I have. From having excellent communication skills to learning how to ace at working on resumes/cover letters to improving upon my interview/presentation skills, this role has been a significant aid in getting me a step closer to my career goals. This role allowed me to approach my future interests with a new perspective while being able to become a contributing factor to help others do the same.

As this role has finally come to an end, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this role opened the door to new opportunities for me. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to work with such a collaborative and encouraging student team and supervisor, that made this role so engaging. As I look forward to completing my co-op term at Mercedes-Benz Financial, I wish to apply the skills developed through this role towards my future career goals. I wish the best to the incoming CA team, and I cannot wait to witness this team to succeed!

Aditi Gopikrishna
(BBA – Human Resource Management, minor in Applied Computing)

When entering my position as Career Assistant this year, I did not know what to expect and what this role entailed, but most importantly, I did not realize the amount of impact it would have on my personal growth. I found this role, to be one, that I immensely enjoyed and felt rewarding, every step of the way, whether that was with CareeZone cafes or simply meeting students who drop in. We started our year virtually, and as that was challenging, it also helped in developing some of those experiences within the professional space. I slowly started getting comfortable with the roles and tasks needed and it quickly began to be an exciting feeling, coming to work, meeting the students, staff and simply helping others with their career exploration needs.

Finding the next steps in life is something that comes with its obstacles but also excitement throughout the way, whether that is in the workspace or on future endeavour plans. My next steps at the moment, being a 4th-year student, moving on to my 5th year is to focus on completing my minor in Applied computing, along with some business-related certifications before I graduate. This year has been challenging but I am excited to also start my summer internship placement as a Marketing and Sales Intern, part of the IFS team at PricewaterhouseCoopers. My summer internship is something very important to me, but it is also something that would not be possible without the support of the CareerZone team and the skillsets and experiences that I have been able to gain in my Career Assistant role. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and to be able to pursue my passions, work hard and reach my dream!

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Written by Yaa Asare, Lead Career Assistant, Blog Manager
Edited by Kara Renaud, Supervisor of Career Education, CCEE Department

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