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It is that time of the year again! That’s right in the month of March we are celebrating National Co-op & Work Integrated Learning. Through partnerships with employers, community partners, post-secondary institutions, WIL month aims to develop and promote educational activities that merge student’s academic learning with its practical application in the workplace. This may include the following:

Research Projects


Co-operative education (Co-op)



Field Placements/Practicums

Community Service Learning

Work Experience

Volunteer Experience



This year’s theme is #InspredWIL and is centered around encouraging students to learn content outside of their typical classroom, and to network and be inspired by others who have navigated their way towards leadership within their career journey. 

Celebrating #InspiredWIL

At Brock University, students and staff are participating in fun initiatives and events in support of WIL month. This includes the launching of the CEWIL month campaign, café sessions and drop-ins hosted by the CareerZone team, Interview Prep Workshop hosted by Goodman Career and networking and recruiting events. CareerZone is also hosting a social media contest, such as a live Kudoboard, where students have a chance to submit responses to the generated question and win amazing prizes.

Interested? Check out these links below to learn more about how experiential learning is being celebrated at Brock! 

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  • Co-op, Career and Experiential Education
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Written by: Yaa Asare, Lead Career Assistant 
Edited by Kara Renaud, Supervisor of Career Education, CCEE Department

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